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What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is simply any sale that one has when they are selling a significant portion of their 'estate'.  It is not a garage or yard sale, as these are not cast-offs, and the sheer size alone is far larger than any garage sale. Estate sales occur due to death, downsizing, moving, combining of households, and decluttering. 

How do Estate Sales Work?

The way estate sales operate is very simple.  Clients hire us to sell their personal items and automobiles for them.  We are paid a percentage of what we sale, and we work as the middle-man to get the client the most amount of money we can-at the same time, offering it at a reasonable price so our customers will buy and and take it home.  We have to please both client and customer and to accomplish this we have to be fair to both parties.


It is our job, as the estate liquidator, to come into the home, dig through every nook and cranny, and get everything as cleaned and displayed as the sale will permit.   Then we research the items to establish a fair selling price based on our past sales history and current market trends.  Once this is done, we photograph it, shoot a video, and place ads on about a dozen websites and in local papers.  We hold our sales on the weekends to give everyone a chance to attend, all while trying to have fun with it along the way.



Estate sales are a great way to save money and have fun doing it. Over the years we have built lasting relationships with many families, attended many weddings and funerals of customers, some of them have baked us cookies and brought us treats, and many of our customers get advanced notice from different members of our staff about collectibles of interest to them.  We listen to their stories, know where their grandkids are going to college, and truly know their hopes and dreams.  Our company is not just a business,  we are a family of workers and customers, we know most of our customers by name, what they shop for, what their children's furniture taste are, and we have seen an entire generation of children grow up as their parents and grandparents shopped with us over the years.  



We invite you to become part of our extended family and to spend part of your weekend with us.  Our company is not just about selling used stuff, its about building everlasting friendships with our customers and helping them fulfill their dreams. 

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