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How Estate Sales are one of the Greenest Industries in Oklahoma

Most people never think about the recycling aspects of estate sales, but estate sales are one of the greenest industries in the world: 


     1:     Buying at an estate sale keeps items out of landfills. Our estate sales regularly sell about 85-90% of the contents in every home. What little is left over is usually donated to be resold by thrift stores and the only trash produced from an entire estate sometimes will fill a single trash can


     2:     Buying used, instead of new, means no pollution created from the manufacturing of plastics and chemicals used in the manufacturing process, and there is no pollution from the transportation of items from China to your doorstep.


     3:     We use recycled products when we set up estate sales. From reused boxes, newspapers, and markers, to used plastic bags that our customers bring to us every week, we fully endorse and practice reusing items in the set up and execution of every sale.


     4:     Even pets get recycled. One of the saddest parts of our job is seeing animals that have been left behind when there is a death and no one is left to take care of them. We have helped over 60 animals through the years find new homes with loving families. Most of our staff have adopted pets from various sales over the years.

     5:     Buying local keeps the money local. With most sales we host, the money we make and the money that the family makes will stay in the Oklahoma City area, not sent out of state to a large corporation or over seas to foreign manufacturers.


     6:     Buying used saves you lots of money. You will almost always pay less for a used item than you will for a new item and this can save you serious money if you regularly shop for used instead of new. Buying green truly saves you a lot of green.


     7:     Buying used is trendy again.  When even pop and rap songs are bragging about thrift store shopping, you know that you do not have to be embarrassed about telling your friends where you purchased your new estate sale finds. One of the hottest trends on Instagram, Pinterest, and in antique stores is repurposed furniture.

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