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A Clinking, Clanking, Collection of Caliginous Collectibles Sale by James Bean Estate Sales




9am to 3pm



1pm to 4pm



Edison rolls; Mid-century canisters; Amethyst; Aluminum lazy susans; 100s of wooden cigar boxes; Primitive utensils; oil lamps; Playskool collectibles; Tons of Walt Disney collectibles and memorabilia including Mickey Mouse and others; Advertising tins; Lots of Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower models; Vintage ashtrays; Lots of brass figurines featuring cannons, elephants, deer, horses, owls;


Lots of tobacco-related items including pipes, pipe racks, humidors and more; Vintage baseballs; baseball bats; and collectible cards; Barkley and Manoli metal soldiers; Tons of vintage toys including Tootsie toy, Lunar, Pony express, Hot Wheels, Marx tin cars, large Marx trucks; soldiers, trains, planes, tank, and other toys; Marx tin service station; Vintage board games;


Vintage character lunchboxes; Owl collectibles; Antique rotary dial and crank phones; Dishware and pottery from all the greats: McCoy, Frankoma, Hull, Hall, Haeger, Roseville, Rosenthal, Fenton, Fire King, Pyrex, Fiesta, Shawnee; Magnalite, West Bend, Griswold, and Wagner kitchenware; Retro Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer; Mason jars and retro kitchen appliances;


Egg beater collection; Tons of collectibles from Beverly’s restaurant in OKC; Vintage ice crushers; Haeger Puma figurines; Puma or Jaguar platers; Musser xylophone; Dozens of piggy banks; Tons of Coca Cola collectibles including trays, large tin signs, clocks, dishes, advertising items, coolers,and vinyl banners; Ironwood carvings; Coca Cola Gibson china; Lots of art deco lamp shades, fixtures, and slip shades; Lots of 1930s through 1950s car hood ornaments and other parts; Paperweights; Art glass; Milk glass; Jadeite; Collectible glasses from Seattle, N.Y., and Seattle world’s fair;


Texaco advertising items; Movie posters; Antique tools; Stained glass pieces, including windows; 100s of antique yardsticks; Collectibles from celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and more; Antique license plates; Railroad collectibles; Over 200 vintage cameras; Antique gas cans; Lots of neat bookends; Freed Eisemann radio and speaker; Over 100 clocks; Wooden and metal soda crates; Antique mixing bowls; Glass water bottles; Oak Kellogg telephone; Antique iron collection; Zippo lighters;


Costume jewelry; Wool military blankets; Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi aluminum ice chests; Lots of antique crocks; Nazi and Hitler items; 100s of collectible old soda bottles; The Vanished Splendor books; National Geographic magazines with vintage Coca-Cola ads; Vintage candy boxes;


Movie posters; Miller, Coors, and other beer advertising items; Red Good & Poll Parrot Shoe Display; Coors neon sign; Drum major batons; Vintage film projectors; Playboy magazines; Toms peanut jar; Original Mayfield Parrish prints; Iron banks; Ship clocks; Lots of Native American collectibles including statues and figurines; Chalk figures; Antique tobacco and coffee cans; Antique cash register; Big Boy bank; Sinclair oil can; Slag glass lamp;


Globes; Zenith and other antique radios; Lots of magazines from the 1930s through the 1950s; President Lincoln statues and collectibles; Department 56 cider jug; Anubis lamp; vintage presidential busts; Vintage store displays; Art deco travel clocks; Celluloid vanity sets; Political buttons; Inkwells; Cap guns; Acee Blue Eagle glass set and trays; Rolling pin collection; Advertising thermometer signs; Lots of vintage cookie cutters;


McCoy cookie jars; Military shell casings; Perfume bottles; Vintage metal toy stove; Old street signs; Kachina dolls; Will Rogers statues; Texaco oil truck banks; Four eyes nodder; Pin-up girls; Lefon prints; Old comic books; Horse metal statues; Antique food packages and boxes; WW2 gas masks; Antique irons; Antique 8-spoke ship wheel


Large Items:

Original lighted movie poster box from Art Deco movie theater; 1930s tricycle; Several old metal, wooden, and dome lid trunks; Vintage floor lamps; Fire pit; Giant 10ft outdoor Statue of Liberty; Boat motor; Art deco wagon; Fire truck pedal car; Art-deco counter stools;


Huge landscaping boulders; Iron gate; Iron bed; Concrete pieces from both the Biltmore Hotel and the Daily Oklahoman buildings in Oklahoma City; Miscellaneous concrete statuary; Metal glider; Slipper chair; Theater chair; Russel statue; Well pump; Large Coca-Cola advertisement signs; Antique console radio; Art deco side tables; Corner shelf;


Amazing lighted Victorian fish stand and tank; Several antique and mid-century bookcases; Wood carved drug store Indian; Nude marble statue; Vintage Mazda Lamps display; Antique fireplace mantle; Display cabinets; Lots of furniture; Marble pedestals; Specter statuary; Primitive cabinets; Antique child’s mannequin; Art deco mirrors; Lawyers stack bookcase in wood and metal; Antique dresser; Octagon 1920s table; Piano;


Maas cathedral chimes; Art deco curio cabinet; Stacking washer and dryer; Fridge; Mini-fridge; Gas stove; Architectural columns; Wine racks; Rolling kitchen island; Old car grilles; Car hood from the 40s; Bench; Art deco vanity; Shutters; Orange Velvet Hide-a-bed



Hundreds of books on every subject including movies, celebrities, biographies, art, ancient history, architecture, Egypt, kids books, décor, cars, and military; Glass and ceramic door knobs; Antlers; Silverplate flatware; Enamelware; Framed art, prints, and advertising; 1000s of postcards; Hay-bale crane and pulley system; Oil lamps; Wagon wheels;


Lots of great CDs; Lots of records, including the Beetles; Antique light fixtures and globes; Ammo boxes; Parking meters; Cedar jewelry boxes; Wall pockets; Leather coats; Mexican blankets; Sedgewick county manhole cover; Victorian fence end-caps; Duck decoys;


Snare drums, saxophones, bongo drums, bass drums, autoharp, zither, tuba, baritone, violin, flute, accordion, drums, cello, and clarinet instruments; Canes and umbrellas; Folding screens; Egyptian décor; Buddha’s; Scales; Skis; Coat trees; Barn hay fork and trolley; Kitchen décor; Lightening rod; Wooden airplane propeller; Several steins; Rocks and minerals; Wooden spools; Poker chips; Marbles; Potato chip tins; wooden leg; Vintage rugs; Cypress slab




9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Full Price

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 25% off



1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. 50% off


Address released the day before the sale.

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